What are Your Favorite Podcasts

I admit it, I am a podcast addict. I listen to podcasts whenever can: while driving, grocery shopping, doing laundry, washing dishes, walking, working out … you get the idea. I thought it would be interesting to share my favorite podcasts and encourage a few others to do the same:

Tech Podcasts:

  • Buzz Out Loud
  • CNET Daily Tech News Podcast
  • Cranky Geeks (when I can find time)
  • Digital Planet (BBC)
  • InfoWorld Daily Podcast
  • Net@Nite
  • PRI’s The World: Technology (when I can find time)
  • Redmonk Radio Podcast (depending on the topic)
  • TWIT
  • Wall Street Journal Tech news Briefing
  • Occasional conference podcasts (sxsw, etc.)

Business / News:

  • Business Week Cover Stories
  • Business Week Technology & You
  • New York Times Front Page
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • NPR Business Story of the Day
  • Science Friday – Making Science Radioactive

I’m officially tagging a few people with the challenge: What are Your Favorite Podcasts?

Marshall Kirkpatrick, Josh Bancroft, Coté, Audrey Eschright, and Chris Brentano – blog about your favorite podcasts and tag 5 other people.

Others – please jump in, blog, and tag another 5 people.


3 Responses to What are Your Favorite Podcasts

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  3. […] haven’t had the energy to write much lately, so I figured that I’d use a meme started by Dawn Foster to give me a head start. Dawn tagged Audrey Eschright, who didn’t know who to tag next, so I […]

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